Eric D. Greene with son Forrest

Eric D. Greene with son Forrest

Hi I’m Eric.

I coach parents and caregivers who have chosen to practice peaceful parenting, which is a non-violent, non-punitive family lifestyle based on connection, empathy, respect and kindness.

I offer home visits, online consultations, and an immersive deep-dive course for peaceful parents.

What is Peaceful Parenting?

Peaceful parenting involves:

  • No spanking
  • No punishing
  • No shaming
  • No threatening
  • No manipulative tricks

Instead of using violence, force or manipulation, peaceful parenting is about letting go of trying to control children and finding ways to work together with them.

It is not permissive, and it is also not tough or authoritarian either.

Peaceful parenting is based in the latest research in child psychology and human development.

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Eric D. Greene

Eric D. Greene

About Eric

Eric D. Greene is a Dad, an artist and musician, and is also known as 1 Awesome Dad on social media.

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