Eric D. Greene with son Forrest

Eric D. Greene with son Forrest

Peaceful Parenting Coach Eric D. Greene

Hi I’m Eric D. Greene, and I help parents and caregivers learn to raise children the peaceful parenting way, without any force, violence, shaming, scolding or threats in the home.

The peaceful parenting approach is completely non-violent, and doesn’t involve any punishing, manipulating, or time-outs.

Most parents have some doubts that this style of parenting actually works. But it does work very well, and it’s unfortunate that there is so much confusion and misunderstanding about peaceful parenting.

Peaceful parenting does not result in spoiled, entitled kids acting like tyrants who think they rule the home and where the parent is giving in to the child’s every demand.

When used correctly, peaceful parenting results in children who are respectful (because they are respected), who behave no more better or worse on average than any other kid (in fact my perception is that the behavior is better), and who rarely feel a need to lie, because they know they are accepted for who they are, and they aren’t worried about the threat of punishment or use of force.

I realize that for those who follow most conventional parenting wisdom, these claims may seem wild or impossible. But I am here to tell you as a dad myself, who has been mostly peaceful parenting from day one of my own son’s birth: peaceful parenting works.

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– Eric D. Greene